Truslate Garden Paving

From £343.50 per pack

Truslate Garden Paving
Truslate Garden Paving

Product Description

Stonemarket Truslate is a quality natural stone product. Hand selected for it's durability and reliability, this paving is available in two colours: Blue and Copper. When this paving is combined with the rest of Stonemarket trustone product range (which includes features and walling), the products surface is predominantly smooth with a slight rustic texture typical of natural slate. Available in 3 different sizes as well as a project pack. This product is part of Stonemarket Fairstone range, and is ethically sourced.
  • Available in three sizes (all measurements in MM): 610 x 610 | 610 x 305 | 305 x 305.
  • Thickness is the product varies between 17 - 24mm.
  • Available in a mixed size project pack.
  • Available in two colours: Copper and Blue.
  • Ethically sourced natural stone.

Product Prices

  • 15.6m2 Project Pack, Blue - £586.61 (15.6m2 Project Pack)
  • 15.6m2 Project Pack, Copper - £598.58 (15.6m2 Project Pack)
  • 305x305x17-24, Blue - £343.50 (100 Per Pack)
  • 305x305x17-24, Copper - £357.00 (100 Per Pack)
  • 610x305x17-24, Blue - £564.00 (80 Per Pack)
  • 610x305x17-24, Copper - £596.40 (80 Per Pack)
  • 610x610x17-24, Blue - £562.80 (40 Per Pack)
  • 610x610x17-24, Copper - £597.60 (40 Per Pack)

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