Drivegrid Driveway System

From £685.92 per pack

Drivegrid Driveway System
Drivegrid Driveway System

Product Description

Stonemarket's Drivegrid is the perfect product for a traditional settiing but is also an in ideal solution for a contemporary scheme. The Drivegrid can come accompanied with an aggregate of your choice.
  • Aggregate available in three colours - Golden Blend, Multi Flint Spar and Sea Washed.
  • Project Pack comes as a bulk sack of 6-10mm landscaping stone containing 850kg (nominal) and a palette containing 2.25m x 6m Geotextile and 108 no. 333 x 333 x 40mm black stabiliser grids.


Product Prices

  • 11.76m2 with Cinder Black, Cinder Black 10mm Aggregate - £771.18 11.76m2 (with Cinder Black agg)
  • 11.76m2 with Golden Blend Agg, Golden Blend 10mm Aggregate - £685.92 11.76m2 (with golden blend agg)

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